NAD Women Clergy Conference: A Report

April 23-26, 2012, the North American Division sponsored a Women Clergy Conference in Berrien Springs, MI. This historic gathering of about 120 ministers was held against the backdrop of a growing movement to support and implement the ordination of Adventist pastors without regard to gender, especially within the NAD. In her report on the Spectrum Blog, Kendra Haloviak Valentine included the following regarding statements by Dan Jackson, NAD President:

“President Jackson’s first of two presentations focused on governance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  He began by stating that governance flows in two directions, from the top down, and from the bottom up.  After referring to his January 31, 2012 letter to North American church leaders, he listed the various unions and conferences that have now moved forward on the ordination issue.  He understood that many might be wondering why the NAD was not commenting on these actions.  His explanation was to begin singing the song first released by The Four Seasons in 1964, “Silence is Golden.”  He described the conferences and unions as doing what they feel God is calling them to do, and the NAD did not see its role as one of trying to stop them.  “We are not going to chastise them…we are not going to affirm them.”  Instead, President Jackson sees the role of the NAD as one of educating the North American constituencies.  He noted that it was clear at the 2011 year-end meeting that this question is not going away for NAD, and that its role, in addition to education, is to find more pathways for women in leadership.”

You can read the Spectrum report here and the NAD report here.